Friday, December 10, 2010

Stupid Twit...

I confronted the lady that asked me if I was pregnant (in front of other people no less) when I got back from lunch. I was still steamed over it.
I asked her who she heard it from but of course she wouldn't say. Oh NOW she wants to be discreet. Uh huh. But she did say she overheard it in the lunchroom. So I am pretty sure I know whose ass is going to get kicked.
I was so upset I was visibly shaking. The stupid twit actually said "I just wanted to be excited with you". Yeah right. You just wanted to confirm the rumors so you would have the "scoop" to share with everyone at lunch.
These aren't people that give a damn about me. I have never worked in a company that is so cliquish. Not a one of them has ever made any attempt to have a conversation with me in the 3 years I've worked here, go to lunch with me etc. Which is just fine with me. They are too damn nosey and classless for my tastes anyway.
I told her Ya know there are REASONS WHY I don't tell people what is going on and to have you ask me that in front of people is extremely upsetting to me as we are trying to deal with the loss of our baby. This has been very difficult and upsetting and since you are in HR you should know better. If I wanted you to know I would have told you myself. You don't go asking people if they are pregnant because you don't have a clue what they are dealing with.

Yeah, I think she'll think twice before asking someone if they are pregnant again.

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