Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cyle day 21 test results

My cycle day 21 (actually done on cd22)progesterone test result was a disappointing 13. Apparently I did O again but I'm still not getting a hit on the OPK tests. Dr. W said she would bump my dosage up to 100 mg for the next round of clomid if we didn't get a postive this month but when the NY nurse called with my results she wanted to argue with me about it. WTF! I'm still not a fan of this nurse but I guess I have to tolerate her so I can see the doctor I want. maybe she'll move on to another doctor soon.

I am (once again) sure this cycle was a bust. I was secretly hoping that this month would be the one. Our FIRST anniversary is on the 2nd and that would have been a great present to stick in my husband's card. On second thought....I did that on his birthday and that didn't turn out so well.

I think I'm going to go treat myself to a mani-pedi and then pick up my book for my first official photography class that starts on the 3rd. Distractions are good.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well....MOTHER F*****!!! Looks like I've got MTHFR to deal with too. The doctor said they don't think that is what is causing the recurrent m/c but they don't really know for sure. Looks like Dr. Google will be my friend tonight.
On the bright side I have a good size follicle and a few smaller ones that are coming along nicely. She asked if I wanted to do the trigger shot but I think we'll see how this month goes and try that next month if we have to.

I went in for another round of trigger point injections this morning too. They did 2 more nerve blocks in my forehead Oh my god those hurt! I started to hyperventalate and got a little lightheaded before she reminded me to breath S L O W L Y. After letting me catch my breath Dr. D did a couple more in my lower jaw 4 more in my scalp. It feels weird to raise my eyebrows now so of course that is what I am sitting here doing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Good thing I was in a good mood....

I stopped at the Doller Tree store last night to stock up on OPK tests and pregnancy tests for this round. I always buy a few other things so they won't look at me like the crazy lady with the basket full of tests every other week.
This time I was checked out by some guy that obviously doesn't have an ounce of tact in his body. As he's scanning my stuff he's looking at the tests and reading them and then said rather loudly "What do you use these for? Do these really work?" Lucky for him I didn't have a killer headache and was in a realatively good mood. I politely and laughingly said, "I wouldn't be buying so many of them if they didn't work."

On a really bright note....I didn't even have to take tylenol over the weekend! YAY! Headaches aren't GONE but they are much less severe. I guess this is how normal people feel?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sweet relief....almost

I went to my pain specialist today for some trigger point injections. I ended up with 2 nerve block injections at C1 (1st vertabrea just below the base of my skull) and oh mama did those suckers HURT! She also gave me 8 trigger point injections 6 in my scalp 2 just behind my jaw joint. So now instead of massive blinding headache all day long it's just a moderate headache.
I go back next week and I may have her add a few more spots that are pretty tender.
I have blue permenant marker X's on my face where she did the jaw injections. I'm so stylish.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Round 2

We are almost through the second round of Clomid. Friday I had a massive work related rage that I had to be careful stayed internal. Poor Dave was a sympathetic ear that evening as I ranted about it. I HATE dealing with liars and morons and I was knee deep in both all day long.
On the bright side, we had a nice Good Friday dinner of sushi and after a couple of nice cold beers my mood was much brighter.

Oh and funny story of the week was the SS asking me what a circumcision was. I tried to keep a straigh face and answer him in a very clinical manner. It seemed to work. And then he asked me if he had been and I told him he should ask his father. Thank goodness he didn't ask much more.