Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cyle day 21 test results

My cycle day 21 (actually done on cd22)progesterone test result was a disappointing 13. Apparently I did O again but I'm still not getting a hit on the OPK tests. Dr. W said she would bump my dosage up to 100 mg for the next round of clomid if we didn't get a postive this month but when the NY nurse called with my results she wanted to argue with me about it. WTF! I'm still not a fan of this nurse but I guess I have to tolerate her so I can see the doctor I want. maybe she'll move on to another doctor soon.

I am (once again) sure this cycle was a bust. I was secretly hoping that this month would be the one. Our FIRST anniversary is on the 2nd and that would have been a great present to stick in my husband's card. On second thought....I did that on his birthday and that didn't turn out so well.

I think I'm going to go treat myself to a mani-pedi and then pick up my book for my first official photography class that starts on the 3rd. Distractions are good.

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