Saturday, August 28, 2010

Genetic testing is back

The only thing I was really concerned about was the risk of translocation. Fortunately both of our tests came back normal.
Friday I went back for a second biopsy to see if we had gotten rid of the strep b. That sucker HURT. I was fine and then all of the sudden I felt this pain that made me have to control my breathing. The first one was a breeze so I was expecting this one to be the same. I guess since they weren't doing the hysteroscope at the same time they can't see how much tissue they are ripping out. DAMN. I felt crampy and tender all night but by the next morning it seemed ok.
On the positive side there is some study that shows that pregnancy rates are quite a bit higher right after having a biopsy like that. Fingers crossed! I'm hoping the break in the heat is helpful for the swimmers too. Plus September is the month that I seem to have the best pregnancies where we actually got heartbeats. This time will be different since I'll be starting blood thinner injections immediately. I'm feeling really HOPEFUL.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You are not going to believe this....

No, I'm not pregnant. August is too hot and I think it fries the swimmers so I wasn't expecting a positive this month.

The COOLEST THING EVER happened to me last night. Dave told me that our neighbor Barbara wanted to see me when I got home. So, after my much needed chiropractor appointment I walked accross the street to their house.

Let me back up for a minute. In case I haven't talked about them before, Brent and Barb are the wedding photographers that generously let us use their vacation home to get married at AND did our wedding photography for FREE. They have been very supportive of me taking photography classes so that I can get into shooting wedding and get out of the job from hell. Barbara has mentioned a couple of time how she is really looking forward to me getting to the point she can send me out to be the second shooter so she doesn't have to.

A couple in "the group" are getting married this weekend and I had been planning on taking pictures for the practice. I figured B&B were going to be doing the actual wedding photography. Turns out they aren't. The couple are trying to get their house built and just can't afford to hire them so Barbara told her she should get me to shoot the wedding. WOW! That was pretty cool of them to suggest me for the job. Of course I had already planned on taking a bunch of pictures and putting together a book for them as our wedding present to them but this means I need to step up my game plan.
Oh and the best part... To make it even easier to shoot the wedding B&B GAVE me TWO Canon zoom lenses. They are older and a little beat up but they work GREAT. They had just bought a new lens that did the job of those two so they wanted to help me get started.
Can you believe that! I'm still so moved by their generousity. I feel so blessed.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And we wait...

I still haven't heard back on the rest of the tests they ran. I actually forgot about them until this morning. I'll give them a buzz this week to see if they have gotten them back yet.
Dr. K didn't put me on clomid. He doesn't think I need it which kind of freaks me out. So, tThis cycle we are just using progesterone, metformin, baby asprin and that dern folic acid pill I can never remember the name of without looking at the bottle and assorted vitamins. Oh, and I'm still on the antibiotics for the strep B.
If this cycle worked I should know by Monday. So far I've been snapping at people, tired and weepy but that is probably just the progesterone. Fortunately this week is going by quickly so that makes the waiting a little easier.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cute as a button....dumb as a rock

I now know that having a raging case of vertigo is not for the faint of heart. It took a full two weeks to stop losing my balance and all that extra effort to focus on staying upright and walking straight gave me one whopper of a headache that I am just now getting rid of. So that made it 3 weeks of being totally unproductive. Oh well. I think God was trying to tell me to take a break or just wanted to give me a break from the nightmare supervisor. (said supervisor has been very nice to me lately)

The visit with the specialist went pretty well. I really like him, his nurses, the insurance lady etc. I really don't like the receptionist. She is stunningly pretty but stunningly inept.
Today I went in just to have some blood drawn. I talked with the receptionist on Wednesday to confirm what the earliest time was I could come in. So I'm thinking, when I get there I'll be able to have my blood drawn and be on the road to work in 15 minutes max. It took 15 freakin minutes for her to understand why I was there. She made me sign in, OK no big deal, I noted on there that I was just there to have blood drawn. 15 minutes later she called me back to the window and said "I don't find where you have an appointment today" I had to explain it to her again, reminded her that we had a conversation earlier in the week and again had to tell her I was just there for a blood draw.
Then she wanted me to tell her what tests I was supposed to have done. Hell I don't know. The Dr. said there were 4 he wanted to run it should be in the system.
Another 15 minute wait.
Finally they called me back and took the blood....50 minutes after I arrived. I may have to have a chat with the Dr about her.

The first visit we had she took my insurance card and info, paper work etc. I had talked to her to confirm she had received all of my paperwork. When I get there she only had half of it. Seriously? Fortunately I had everything with me. So I gave it to her to make a copy of, she was supposed to copy it and then give it back to me. I never saw it again. Then she said that will be $400. WHAT? Uh, no. I called and was told that this is diagnostic and that my insurance covers it. She told me, well maybe you should call your insurance company and see if they give you a different answer than they gave me. AGAIN....SERIOUSLY? Finally she just charged me the $40 she was supposed to charge me for a visit. By this time I'm stressed out, a little freaked out, Dave was acting weird which didn't help and so the waterworks started up.
I was ready to leave but I didn't want to have to go through the process of finding someone else so I just sucked it up. The Dr was great, answered all my questions I had made a list of and apologized for the front desk. He said this is stressful enough and we should have done a better job of checking with your insurance company, not make you have to do it. He said he would be having a talk with the staff which made me feel better. Dave even liked him and finally stopped acting so freakin weird.

I went back last week (different receptionist and I didn't have a single issue) and they did a hysteroscopy, everything looked fine. They did a biopsy and made sure I didn't have a septum or polyps which would interfere with a pregnancy. The biopsy did come back with a positive strep B which is fairly common but just to be on the safe side I'm on 10 days of antibiotics.
They are running chromosome tests on both Dave and I to rule out a balanced translocation. Pray that isn't the issue! And the other tests they are running are for clotting issues. Hopefully we will just need the Folgard and blood thinners to hit the baby jackpot. Yeah, that would be worth becoming a human pincusion