Saturday, August 28, 2010

Genetic testing is back

The only thing I was really concerned about was the risk of translocation. Fortunately both of our tests came back normal.
Friday I went back for a second biopsy to see if we had gotten rid of the strep b. That sucker HURT. I was fine and then all of the sudden I felt this pain that made me have to control my breathing. The first one was a breeze so I was expecting this one to be the same. I guess since they weren't doing the hysteroscope at the same time they can't see how much tissue they are ripping out. DAMN. I felt crampy and tender all night but by the next morning it seemed ok.
On the positive side there is some study that shows that pregnancy rates are quite a bit higher right after having a biopsy like that. Fingers crossed! I'm hoping the break in the heat is helpful for the swimmers too. Plus September is the month that I seem to have the best pregnancies where we actually got heartbeats. This time will be different since I'll be starting blood thinner injections immediately. I'm feeling really HOPEFUL.

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