Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When I'm bummed....

I like to look back at my old photos of good times....

Getting musicians to abuse the walls of Gruene Hall with Sharpies....

Radney at Gruene Hall...I love the blurred action of this shot.....


As usual when there is a family function we try to hand deliver as many invitations as possible to save on postage. We've been doing this for as long as I can remember. So when my sister came down to Dallas a couple of weekends ago I sent back several invitations for her to pass out.

She happened to run into my parents at the local Lowe's store. Mom looked less than pleased. Paula told her that she had their invitation in the trunk or they could have hers since she had it in her purse. Mom didn't say anything. Paula pulled out the invitation and asked again if she wanted that or she could go get the other one that had their name on it. Mom took the invitation, didn't look at it, didn't say thank you, she didn't say ANYTHING. Just shoved it in her purse and basically walked away.

I can't say that I'm surprised. This is the same woman that used to tell me she wished I was dead and in hell every day of my life. Or at least everyday that she saw me after I had moved out on my own. They haven't called me once since they found out I was getting married. Everyone that knows them KNOWS they are just terrified I'll ask for something (money) which I wouldn't because then I would be obligated to invite people I don't want there.

I'm terribly hurt even though I KNOW this is just how she she's always been...especially towards me because, ya know, I was a MISTAKE. Yeah, she loved telling everyone she met that story. And still that "little girl" in me keeps hoping at some point in my life she'll treat me with some semblance of motherlyness. I'm 42 and it hasn't happened yet. Why do I keep doing this to myself.


Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm trying to find a better and bigger picture of them but so far no luck.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I saw this on a $10,000 wedding.....

"from i can read via i could be ordinary. " I need to make that an 11x17 poster to hang over my desk at work.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rockin' the Silver (plate)

My best friend A and I have been buying up all the old silver that we can find. I've got almost 60 of each of the following:
knives, dinner forks, salad/dessert forks, regular spoons, soup spoons, tea spoons, and about 15 or 20 serving pieces.
I wanted to find an easy way to clean them that was also CHEAP! After an online search I found how to get silver clean quick without having to buy one of those plate things. All you needed was foil, table salt, and baking soda. The trick I finally figured out after about 3 batches of silver was in the water. The hotter the water the easier the silver came clean.


I am soooooooo happy with how these turned out!!!!
And yes I know there isn't an address on there. That is what the attached directions are for. You have to KNOW where you are going because an address won't do you a lick of good.

Well....that's one way.

The future stepson R was hit by a car Friday. He cut through a couple of SUV’s (instead of going to the corner) and was running across the street pushing his bike. He didn’t see the sports car and it didn’t see him. The witnesses said it hit the back of his bike and flipped him. One of the ladies that stopped to help had to dig through his bag to get D’s phone number. He called me and I got to the hospital before the ambulance did.

R didn’t look happy to see me when they called me back. I got the eye roll and muttering under his breath, I just ignored it. His face was pretty bloody so that was kinda freaky. I let them know that I would be the stepmother in May but I wasn’t officially it yet. I sat with R in the room, found him some warm blankets for him (it had been raining pretty hard so he was soaked), chatted with the nurses and doctors. They just kept handing me stuff to fill out. (I had D give me all the insurance info over the phone in case they needed to do something before he got there). They said that’s OK, sign here, circle parent then write “Mom” on that line.

FORTUNATELY, He’s just got a bad gouge on his nose where he landed on the pavement and some other scrapes and bruises but nothing was broken. I was stressing over having to make decisions for him (stitches vs no stitches) but just did what I thought D would be OK with.
D got there just after they released R. He had been stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours (normal commute is about an hour for him). He was VISIBLY relieved. My poor sweetheart!

Then when I was driving home it hit me….I went to the hospital and came out a MOM!

I told my sister about my epiphany later that night and she deadpanned....yeah that's usually how it happens!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened Last Night....

I went to register last night so the family will stop bugging me and this was the conversation I had with the clerk....I was on the cell phone with my sister P during this conversation trying to figure out how to print the stupid registry thing out so they could zap it with the gun.

I finally got it to print and handed it over to "The Lady". The conversation went like this.....

The lady (kinda loudly): ….OH MY GOODNESS….are you marrying THE D*** Y*****?

Me (talking with P on the cell at the same time): Well… I’m marrying A D*** Y*****.

The Lady: THE MUSICIAN?!?!?!?

Me trying to get away from The Lady: Uh....well he plays in several bands....


Me: Uh...Well there is a musician named DWIGHT Y*****?


As I was trying to get the heck away from The Lady My sister P (on the other end of the phone ) said: THAT was the FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A sent me the mock up of the shrug she is making. The final product will be out of lace but the mock up was made of muslin. Of course the ol' arms were too big for it. She is going to try and make another one with larger and longer sleeves and send it back. Maybe I'll win the lottery one of these days and have something done to make them more proportionate! haa haa!!!

They are on their way!

Hatch called D yesterday and let him know that the invitations/show posters are being shipped out TODAY!!! I can't wait to see how they turned out! Geez I really hope she fixed the spelling of my last name. I told her probably 5 times. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE RIGHT!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Double Yippee!!!!

I just got the confirmation from my designer, Mary S, at Hatch Show Prints that my invitations should be in the mail to me by the end of the week!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!

Oh crap! I have lots of stuff that I still have to do before I can mail them out. I've got to:

1) make the RSVP's and
2) stamp them
3) print the maps
4) print some info about the hotels in Palestine since Slocum is only about 2 blocks long and doesn't have anything but maybe a gas station.

Yikes! I guess it's a good thing that D is going to a show tonight with a friend of his! I might be able to get a couple of those things knocked out while he's gone.


My dress is in!!!! I picked it up last Wednesday and took it with me to Houston to my best friend (and MOH) A's house this past weekend. I am wanting to make a shrug out of lace to cover the arms a bit and A is a bit of a lace freak. She has been buying up all kinds of old lace for herself the last few years. She even scored some amazing old wedding dresses from the 60's that looked like they were custom made by hand just because she loved the lace on them!
Now, I have this flaw....I consider it a major flaw so I will just put it out there.....I HAVE FAT ARMS. I inherited them from my Dad's side of the family and I absolutely HATE them...but not enough to really do anything about them I guess because I still have them.

Anyway, after ordering this beautiful strapless dress I panicked over the whole arm issue. A thinks I'm nuts but she is willing to make me a shrug that will downplay my least favorite assets. She found some really cool pleated lace to make a stand up collar for the shrug. It helped having the dress there because some of the lace that looked like it would be a perfect match in the photos was WAY TOO DARK when we put it near the dress. We made a good start on it but it was nowhere near completed when I had to leave on Sunday. I DID, however, have to try it on with my dress a few times while we worked on it....darn it all!!!!