Monday, March 16, 2009

Well....that's one way.

The future stepson R was hit by a car Friday. He cut through a couple of SUV’s (instead of going to the corner) and was running across the street pushing his bike. He didn’t see the sports car and it didn’t see him. The witnesses said it hit the back of his bike and flipped him. One of the ladies that stopped to help had to dig through his bag to get D’s phone number. He called me and I got to the hospital before the ambulance did.

R didn’t look happy to see me when they called me back. I got the eye roll and muttering under his breath, I just ignored it. His face was pretty bloody so that was kinda freaky. I let them know that I would be the stepmother in May but I wasn’t officially it yet. I sat with R in the room, found him some warm blankets for him (it had been raining pretty hard so he was soaked), chatted with the nurses and doctors. They just kept handing me stuff to fill out. (I had D give me all the insurance info over the phone in case they needed to do something before he got there). They said that’s OK, sign here, circle parent then write “Mom” on that line.

FORTUNATELY, He’s just got a bad gouge on his nose where he landed on the pavement and some other scrapes and bruises but nothing was broken. I was stressing over having to make decisions for him (stitches vs no stitches) but just did what I thought D would be OK with.
D got there just after they released R. He had been stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours (normal commute is about an hour for him). He was VISIBLY relieved. My poor sweetheart!

Then when I was driving home it hit me….I went to the hospital and came out a MOM!

I told my sister about my epiphany later that night and she deadpanned....yeah that's usually how it happens!

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