Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting back on track....

Well...I started back at the gym this week but only managed one day before my foot/ankle started killing me. I had the chiro look at it yesterday and he was able to straighten me out...literally. I had a couple of muscles that were bound up (muscle spasm) and a bone on the top of my foot was out of whack. So I am taking it easy for a day or two since it hurts still and then I'm am back on track. I upgraded my gym membership to include classes as well as the equipment room and I am looking forward to doing some yoga, pilates and hoop (I am assuming hula hoop?) Work is going great. I am still working with a wedding photographer as his assistant. We did an open house/wedding show over the weekend (probably when I messed up my foot) and booked 3 weddings at the show, 3 more since the show (as of Tuesday) and there are a few more strong leads. YAY! OH AND...I am the main photographer on one of them. Double YAY! I may not be making a ton of money by being an assistant instead of running out there and booking my own jobs but I really feel that there is so much I still need to learn about the business side of things. So for now I am learning, listening, practicing and making connections. Can't bring myself to step on the scales again but I am trying to make conscience choices about what to eat and when I am eating. I sure wish my husband was a little more supportive. The minute I start trying to eat healthier he brings home, ice cream, little pies that you bake in the microwave and peach cobbler. I have a bite or two but then let him finish it. I would like to feel better about myself and wear some cute clothes, possibly even a swimsuit when we go to Florida in early October.

Monday, June 25, 2012

OH.....HELL NO!!!

I take full responsibility for falling totally off the wagon this past year. I don't think I had realized how down I had been between the nightmare job, the surly teenager, the infertility, no real friends close by to spill my guts to...~sigh~ It has been a foul year. Just thinking about it makes me want to crawl back in bed with the dog and take another long nap. I stepped on the scales this morning hoping to see another drop in numbers. (last month I lost 10 lbs) NOPE. Gained back everything that I lost last month PLUS I gained 4 more pounds. I just don't know how to get control of this. Every time I am making progress I backtrack. So starting today, I am going to use this as my platform for holding myself accountable. If I slip up I have to 'fess up. I have been going to the gym sporadically for the last month or so but when I wake up hurting from head to toe it's hard to make myself go. That has to stop too. I HAVE to go every day during the week to make any real progress. Saturday and Sunday is usually pretty busy so those will be my days to find an alternative activity. Which will probably be window shopping at the mall or working on a home improvement project. Oh man....I don't know if I have the guts to post what my weight has skyrocketed to. DEEP BREATH.......256.5 GAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! SHOOT ME NOW!!!! I have gained 50 lbs in 3 years WTF!!!!!!! OK, is what it is. Starting from this minute I will be holding myself accountable for every bite I take and document every workout. South Beach Diet begins in 3....2....1...!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have been so mentally exhausted for the last couple of months while dealing with psyco boss that I couldn't even bring myself to post anything on here. I am NOT at the dungeon of doom any longer. Praise God! I think he truly helped me get away from that environment. I am slowly starting to get back to being myself although I still can't hold a thought in my head for very long. Of course that could have something to do with the landing almost on my head when I fell off a ladder that same week. Nothing broken but I landed on my shoulders/base of my neck and knocked the wind out of myself. I am still sore but I have the best chiro so I am almost back to normal. I am working on trying to get a used IMac since I can't afford a new one at the moment. Hopefully the contact I have will have something that can do the job for about a year or so while I get things going with the business. I should have the website up and running before too much longer. Once that is finished I will share it with you! Funny story for y'all. I helped with a bridal shoot on Monday down in the FW stockyards. While the bride was being set up infront of this old painted wall....a bird pooped on her VEIL! Everyone gasped! Especially the bride!!! Then we were doubled over laughing until we were crying! Thank goodness for brides with a sense of humor!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Seriously reaching my limit....

There is an end in sight to the nightmare job from hell. A certain point my husband and I both agreed on but now that I know what that is, I can hardly stand the wait! I've worked for some crazy people before but the delusions of some of these! That is all I can say. Just. WOW! And when the entire group talked to HR about it he basically told us too bad. Not that we really expected him to be helpful. It just confirmed that there is only one way to change it and that is to get the heck out as fast as possible and never look back.

We haven't heard a peep from the stepson while he is at camp. We sent letters from us and from the dog. (She wasn't so crazy about the ink pad I was using on her to make paw prints but I made up for it with letting her play in the sprinkler afterwards so I think I'm forgiven.) We haven't received a letter in return though.
They post pictures on facebook and their website so the parents see how things are going. Looks like they are having fun but the only 2 pics I've seen of our little camper he looks pissed off. Or is that his badass Marine face? I can't tell. They are basically the same look.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Funny story....

We shot a wedding a couple of weeks ago and just after the formal pics are done they go right into the newlywed's first dance. After that the couple always goes and takes a breather while people go through the buffet.
So the bride takes the opportunity to go to the bathroom. BUT instead of having someone help her with the dress she took it off. When they went to zip her back in they broke the zipper.
Wait....they didn't just break they mauled the zipper! A normal broken zipper you can get to work again if you know what you are doing. With this zipper, there were teeth missing. No fixing that! So there were about 5 of us trying to sew the poor girl back in her dress. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen!

Thank goodness she had a great sense of humor about it all!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pincushion....and decisions....

about a month ago I started getting weekly acupunture treatments.

I keep hearing from women in the support group that it helped them so I figured it would be worth a try. We can't afford to go the donor egg route so at least I feel like I am trying SOMETHING. I know in some ways it's helping but I've gone from 26 day cycles to 23 and now 21. WTF?!?

Work is stressful so I am sure that isn't helping but I haven't had stress affect my like that since I was a teenager.

Biggest decision of the week? I am quitting my job in a couple of weeks....

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The Stepson wants to go to a military camp this summer.

The same one that sits in his room all day playing games, thinks walking in a circle around the kitchen-living room-hall is the same as working out. Has to be reminded to bath...and brush his teeth....and change his clothes.

He told Dave that he wanted to go but only if THEY WEREN'T TOO SOFT ON HIM!

I REALLY REALLY HOPE HE GETS IN! LOL! Oh and did I mention it's down on the border near Mexico? It is going to be HOT! I have a feeling he'll flake out and change his mind at the last minute but boy would it be a good learning experience for him!