Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wish me LUCK!!!

4 days to go!

Ok so I've only REALLY got 3 days to get everything unpacked and pulled together and on the 4th day the only strenuous thing I plan on doing is pulling on my granny girdle! LOL!

I can't stand it when you see pantylines on wedding dresses. If there is ever a really great time to invest in the appropriate undergarments your wedding day is it! The dress shop owner was trying to tell me (bless her 75 pound soaking wet heart) that I didn't need to waste my money on special undergarments. Oh right! I can just see it now. One boob where she is supposed to be the other one shifted to a sadly southern location. And who wants to see how many rolls they can count around my midsection? Uh no...spandex is the ONLY way to go. I found a 1 piece garment that actually had a decent built in bra. The girls weren't squished into a uniboob and yet they weren't forced into some 1940's version of twin peaks. It has just enough of everything necessary to make the dress look appropriately pulled together. I've been really good (for me) the past couple of weeks and I'm down about 5 pounds. My dress was just a tad snug the last time I had it on so I'm hoping by the time the wedding gets here the dress will be even more comfortable. I don't want to spend the day miserable and I want to wear my dress as long as possible that evening!

I'm feeling better about all the "extra" people. I guess I should be happy that we are throwing such a fun wedding that people are coming out the the woodwork to attend! Right? We (meaning Dave) have booked a porta potty to be delivered on Wednesday (tomorrow) and it will be picked up Monday. The menfolk tend to enjoy going off into the woods when the urge strikes so that will help too. (what is it with men peeing on trees? I don't get it but it will help take the stress off the plumbing!) I'm still holding my breath about the weather. The forcast is for 30% scattered showers so I'm hoping since Texas is such a BIG state that it will be "scattered" somewhere else.

I am trying to wrap up my stuff at work but to tell you the truth my brain is just FRIED. I can barely keep 1 thought straight so I don't see myself getting any real work done today because that would require MULTIPLE thoughts all at once.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Breath in slowly....and hold!

We are at 80 people now that have CONFIRMED.

I found out last night that there is another person that was invited that is bringing 2 extra people with him. I'm just trying to not think about it. Everyone keeps telling me it will be fine so I'm TRYING to just roll with the punches. It's going to INTERESTING that is for sure. And since I've got no idea who else is going to show up my tasks for this weekend are to:
1.) buy a few more china plates if I can find some, we're good on silverware, some just won't get to use the cool stuff...not that they will notice.
2.) Buy some paper plates. I really HATE paper plates but I have no choice. We will only use them as a last resort.
3.) Buy some plastic cups. Again...I really hate them but whatcha gonna do.
4.) Buy all the ingredients for dips and snacks during the cocktail hour.
5.) Get a massage.
6.) find a cute outfit that I can wear on Friday while getting stuff ready. We aren't having a rehearsal dinner so it's just for me to feel cute.
7.) make signs!!! I've got wood, paint, nails etc., I just have to STOP long enough to do it. Oh gotta buy a good paint brush that is why I haven't done them yet. (see making lists are GOOD!!!)
9.) buy 4 large bowls at the party supply store for pasta salad and potato salad.
10.) chill out on our wonderful outdoor dining set that my best friend bought us.

On another very positive note....

My mother called last night so when I called her back this morning (and she was amazingly pleasant/chipper/happy/giddy/possibly drunk) I asked if I could use some of my Grandmother's quilts to lay on the grass and use for overflow seating. She was ACTUALLY EXCITED about letting me use them. Personally, I'm thinking she was drunk (just kidding!) but hopefully she'll remember and bring a few with her. Those quilts are pretty special to all of us. Especially to me since my Grandmother and I shared a birthday. The quilts were all made from the fabric of our old clothes. It's like a walk back through my entire life to look at one of them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My best friend emailed me this....

how about we have her (Barb) stand up before the ceremony gets under way, and read the audience “the rules”. No family members making a fuss, behaving like an ass, drawing attention to themselves. No friends trying to tell embarrassing stories about the bride or the groom. No one plan on getting lucky tonight, as no one here wants to know about it. if you can’t get through a couple of hours without being under the influence, please take it into the woods. No open flames. Keep your seats and tray tables in their upright and locked position. No tailgating. Shirt and shoes are not required, but are suggested. Pants must be worn at all times. Beware of anything that snores or snorts, you may not know who or what it is. No gunfire unless it involves lunch. Do not throw pennies into the outhouse; that is a toilet not a wishing well. Be kind to anything in an apron, they are all volunteers, and they are in charge of what you eat. And finally…remember that this day is all about Carla and Dave. Please remember to wish them well, and say a prayer to guarantee it.


Thinking happy thoughts today....

I realized that all of my posts were of me ranting about this or that. I guess I've been A LOT MORE stressed than I thought lately.
It's time for a more POSITIVE POST. So here are:

25 things about my wedding that make me happy....

1) I'm marrying a guy that is an amazing match for me and gets me completely.
2) I got the dress of my dreams
3) my best friend is making a beautiful lace bolero for me to wear with my dress
4) I get to wear my valentine's Day gift from D. A long strand of Chocolate pearls
5) The place we are getting married is one of the most beautiful peaceful places I've ever been.
6) the ever so talented singer/songwriter Jim B is marrying us
7) My best friend A has made everything so wonderful with her ability to find steals on eBay
8) I get to eat off of china
9) and use really old silver plated utensils
10) you guys let me rant without having me carted off to the loony bin.
11) I get to wear my dress for a second party at the old Czech Hall in Yukon, OK the Saturday after the wedding. It's the same place my parents went after they were married. EVERYBODY POLKA!!!!!
12) I know this is shallow....D bought me the ring of my dreams and I got to use the diamond I bought with my favorite uncle's inheritance money. (it was really important to HIM for us to get a 1 C diamond from one of my late Aunt's rings. There were enough for each of the nieces to have 1. Unfortunately his wishes were never carried out because...well....a nameless cousin-in-law was greedy and kept everything for herself. That's OK I always felt my U picked out this stone for me to have so in my mind it came straight from him and that is all that matters. (I'll post about those another time)
13) I get to have Baby J's AMAZING BRISKET! MMMMMMMMMM
14) I am doing things OUR way, so there!!!!
15) My best friend is flying her Daddy down from OK for the wedding. He'll get there Wednesday night so I'll get to spend some quality time with my adopted Daddy and favorite "Dirty Old Man" (we used to call him that when we were in high school but I don't remember why, probably because he was covered in dirt from being in the field.)
16) have I mentioned how AMAZING my best friend Ann has been with all the planning and stuff? Wow! I couldn't have done a fraction of this without her!
17) My favorite A & U from my mother's side are coming in from Bakersfield, CA via Florida to be at the wedding! Wow! That should win a prize for coming the longest distance!
18) I'm going to put my boots on for a little traipsing through the woods in my wedding dress
19) I get to have my beloved teardrop there to camp out in and show off that week
20) Barb and Brent for all they've done (including Barb being the crazed "Mother of the Bride" that makes me crazy stressed. Thanks I needed that from someone since my own mother is too self absorbed and nutz to care about being a real mother to anyone, but especially to me.)
21) THOSE CRAZY HALF-APRONS I can't wait to find something cool to do with them~!
22) My Internet buddies that have been a wonderful support system!
23) I'll get to carry a picture of my beloved late Uncle Eppie and my late Grandmother G (whom I share a birthday with) on my bouquet.
24) I get to have ranunculas (sp?) for my bouquet! I thought they would be way out of my price range but they were surprisingly affordable.

and I guess I should end this at

#25) when it's all said and done I WILL BE MARRIED!!!!

boy....that was rather cathartic. I think I'll go have a good cry now and count my VERY many blessings.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Freaking OUT!!!

We sent out almost 100 invitations for the wedding. Most of them went to his family and some old friends in California and a sister on the East Coast. My Family is all in OK and I KNOW that it would not be a trip they would make. They will travel within the state but crossing that state line into Texas just doesn't happen. Then there were a few other of my family members that are also in California. The rest of the invitations (about 30) went to the gang here in Texas that we hang out with. By generous estimations we figured it would be 50 people max.
Now I have only known the "core group" of D's gang, and a few fringe folks that I may have seen at a show or a throw-down. That would be about 26 people. The PROBLEM IS those people that WERE invited are taking it upon themselves to INVITE OTHER FREAKING PEOPLE!!! Since they are all a part of the "GROUP" and the wedding is being held at one of the ringleaders of the group I can't tell them no I'm sorry you can't come because we are only providing food for 50 people. Nope, now we have almost 75. So I ordered another brisket and I'm planning to make more appetizers so that HOPEFULLY they will fill up on that stuff and there will be enough BBQ for everyone.
I don't know why I thought I needed a wedding it has turned into a royal pain in the arse and it brings out the worst in people. We should have just eloped.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I understand the popularity of TYPING "OMG", I do. Heck, I have probably done it myself but I work with a 28 year old chick who has 2 kids and she actually SAYS "OMG" all the freaking time. Is it just me or does this annoy the crap out of you too?

Oh....and....don't get me started on the whole "baby daddy" thing. I mean SERIOUSLY how HARD is it to say MY baby's daddy, or HER baby's daddy. AARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm not sure where the picture came from (it's not one of the actual aprons we have but it's dang close.)

My best friend has been buying up vintage aprons for us to use at the wedding. She bid on a bunch thinking she would win a few. I ironed over 30 last weekend and she had more coming in.

I think we'll have the people helping with the food wear them to keep their clothes clean, use some to decorate around a large round table we are using for a bar and then maybe take the rest and tie them together then hang about 3 rows of them between some trees to make a backdrop.

Any other ideas or suggestions?

Another Reason I love my Sweetheart!

He called me yesterday and wanted to know if I wanted a massage Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon. He was scheduling one for me because the crazy-ass family is getting to me. The job is getting to me and trying to plan the wedding on very little sleep is getting to me.
I love how he wants to help me get rid of some stress and who doesn't love to have an hour long massage with hot stones. Of course, I know this will only be a temporary fix. The next day I'll be stressed out again so....I went and got drugs (legal of course).

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Man it's hard to take your own picture!

We did a rough trial run on my hair the other night. I'm not sure if I'm crazy about the twisting effect that she tried on it but I think when she does the real deal it will be fine and go with the more casual feel of the wedding. I don't want to look "DONE" I want it to be more carefree looking.
I also put on my chocolate pearls and earrings that I'll be wearing with my dress.

I think we'll put some extra curl in the back but I'm not sure. I'm kinda liking the loose wavy look.


My all time favorite lead guitarist Michael McAdam wrote a song several years ago about how love grows in little houses. From the minute I heard that song it just really spoke to me. I've gotten close to getting a copy of it from him a few times but it never quite worked out.

This week He is touring through Texas with Chris Knight so Dave and I went to see him Sunday and then because I'm sooooo crazy about this guy I went again last night. Not only is he my favorite photography subject when it comes to concerts, but MAN! I just LOVE the way that guy can play a slide guitar!!!

After the show we were chatting a bit and I asked him if I could get a copy of that song (it's not out on any CD's) to use at the wedding and he said YES! Yay!!! Keep your fingers crossed that I actually get it from him this time! Musicians are notoriously forgetful.