Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wish me LUCK!!!

4 days to go!

Ok so I've only REALLY got 3 days to get everything unpacked and pulled together and on the 4th day the only strenuous thing I plan on doing is pulling on my granny girdle! LOL!

I can't stand it when you see pantylines on wedding dresses. If there is ever a really great time to invest in the appropriate undergarments your wedding day is it! The dress shop owner was trying to tell me (bless her 75 pound soaking wet heart) that I didn't need to waste my money on special undergarments. Oh right! I can just see it now. One boob where she is supposed to be the other one shifted to a sadly southern location. And who wants to see how many rolls they can count around my midsection? Uh no...spandex is the ONLY way to go. I found a 1 piece garment that actually had a decent built in bra. The girls weren't squished into a uniboob and yet they weren't forced into some 1940's version of twin peaks. It has just enough of everything necessary to make the dress look appropriately pulled together. I've been really good (for me) the past couple of weeks and I'm down about 5 pounds. My dress was just a tad snug the last time I had it on so I'm hoping by the time the wedding gets here the dress will be even more comfortable. I don't want to spend the day miserable and I want to wear my dress as long as possible that evening!

I'm feeling better about all the "extra" people. I guess I should be happy that we are throwing such a fun wedding that people are coming out the the woodwork to attend! Right? We (meaning Dave) have booked a porta potty to be delivered on Wednesday (tomorrow) and it will be picked up Monday. The menfolk tend to enjoy going off into the woods when the urge strikes so that will help too. (what is it with men peeing on trees? I don't get it but it will help take the stress off the plumbing!) I'm still holding my breath about the weather. The forcast is for 30% scattered showers so I'm hoping since Texas is such a BIG state that it will be "scattered" somewhere else.

I am trying to wrap up my stuff at work but to tell you the truth my brain is just FRIED. I can barely keep 1 thought straight so I don't see myself getting any real work done today because that would require MULTIPLE thoughts all at once.


mim said...

You will be beautiful and your wedding and party will be fabulous! Remember to breathe, smile, enjoy! Wishing you luck and much happiness!

Sharpiegirl said...

Thank you Mim! I'll post pics asap!

LPC said...

Looking forward to the photos.