Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Freaking OUT!!!

We sent out almost 100 invitations for the wedding. Most of them went to his family and some old friends in California and a sister on the East Coast. My Family is all in OK and I KNOW that it would not be a trip they would make. They will travel within the state but crossing that state line into Texas just doesn't happen. Then there were a few other of my family members that are also in California. The rest of the invitations (about 30) went to the gang here in Texas that we hang out with. By generous estimations we figured it would be 50 people max.
Now I have only known the "core group" of D's gang, and a few fringe folks that I may have seen at a show or a throw-down. That would be about 26 people. The PROBLEM IS those people that WERE invited are taking it upon themselves to INVITE OTHER FREAKING PEOPLE!!! Since they are all a part of the "GROUP" and the wedding is being held at one of the ringleaders of the group I can't tell them no I'm sorry you can't come because we are only providing food for 50 people. Nope, now we have almost 75. So I ordered another brisket and I'm planning to make more appetizers so that HOPEFULLY they will fill up on that stuff and there will be enough BBQ for everyone.
I don't know why I thought I needed a wedding it has turned into a royal pain in the arse and it brings out the worst in people. We should have just eloped.

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mim said...

Oh no! Why do people think it's OK to do that? Just breathe, breathe, breathe! You will still be surrounded by people who know and love you~just more of them...