Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thinking happy thoughts today....

I realized that all of my posts were of me ranting about this or that. I guess I've been A LOT MORE stressed than I thought lately.
It's time for a more POSITIVE POST. So here are:

25 things about my wedding that make me happy....

1) I'm marrying a guy that is an amazing match for me and gets me completely.
2) I got the dress of my dreams
3) my best friend is making a beautiful lace bolero for me to wear with my dress
4) I get to wear my valentine's Day gift from D. A long strand of Chocolate pearls
5) The place we are getting married is one of the most beautiful peaceful places I've ever been.
6) the ever so talented singer/songwriter Jim B is marrying us
7) My best friend A has made everything so wonderful with her ability to find steals on eBay
8) I get to eat off of china
9) and use really old silver plated utensils
10) you guys let me rant without having me carted off to the loony bin.
11) I get to wear my dress for a second party at the old Czech Hall in Yukon, OK the Saturday after the wedding. It's the same place my parents went after they were married. EVERYBODY POLKA!!!!!
12) I know this is shallow....D bought me the ring of my dreams and I got to use the diamond I bought with my favorite uncle's inheritance money. (it was really important to HIM for us to get a 1 C diamond from one of my late Aunt's rings. There were enough for each of the nieces to have 1. Unfortunately his wishes were never carried out because...well....a nameless cousin-in-law was greedy and kept everything for herself. That's OK I always felt my U picked out this stone for me to have so in my mind it came straight from him and that is all that matters. (I'll post about those another time)
13) I get to have Baby J's AMAZING BRISKET! MMMMMMMMMM
14) I am doing things OUR way, so there!!!!
15) My best friend is flying her Daddy down from OK for the wedding. He'll get there Wednesday night so I'll get to spend some quality time with my adopted Daddy and favorite "Dirty Old Man" (we used to call him that when we were in high school but I don't remember why, probably because he was covered in dirt from being in the field.)
16) have I mentioned how AMAZING my best friend Ann has been with all the planning and stuff? Wow! I couldn't have done a fraction of this without her!
17) My favorite A & U from my mother's side are coming in from Bakersfield, CA via Florida to be at the wedding! Wow! That should win a prize for coming the longest distance!
18) I'm going to put my boots on for a little traipsing through the woods in my wedding dress
19) I get to have my beloved teardrop there to camp out in and show off that week
20) Barb and Brent for all they've done (including Barb being the crazed "Mother of the Bride" that makes me crazy stressed. Thanks I needed that from someone since my own mother is too self absorbed and nutz to care about being a real mother to anyone, but especially to me.)
21) THOSE CRAZY HALF-APRONS I can't wait to find something cool to do with them~!
22) My Internet buddies that have been a wonderful support system!
23) I'll get to carry a picture of my beloved late Uncle Eppie and my late Grandmother G (whom I share a birthday with) on my bouquet.
24) I get to have ranunculas (sp?) for my bouquet! I thought they would be way out of my price range but they were surprisingly affordable.

and I guess I should end this at

#25) when it's all said and done I WILL BE MARRIED!!!!

boy....that was rather cathartic. I think I'll go have a good cry now and count my VERY many blessings.

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