Friday, April 24, 2009

Breath in slowly....and hold!

We are at 80 people now that have CONFIRMED.

I found out last night that there is another person that was invited that is bringing 2 extra people with him. I'm just trying to not think about it. Everyone keeps telling me it will be fine so I'm TRYING to just roll with the punches. It's going to INTERESTING that is for sure. And since I've got no idea who else is going to show up my tasks for this weekend are to:
1.) buy a few more china plates if I can find some, we're good on silverware, some just won't get to use the cool stuff...not that they will notice.
2.) Buy some paper plates. I really HATE paper plates but I have no choice. We will only use them as a last resort.
3.) Buy some plastic cups. Again...I really hate them but whatcha gonna do.
4.) Buy all the ingredients for dips and snacks during the cocktail hour.
5.) Get a massage.
6.) find a cute outfit that I can wear on Friday while getting stuff ready. We aren't having a rehearsal dinner so it's just for me to feel cute.
7.) make signs!!! I've got wood, paint, nails etc., I just have to STOP long enough to do it. Oh gotta buy a good paint brush that is why I haven't done them yet. (see making lists are GOOD!!!)
9.) buy 4 large bowls at the party supply store for pasta salad and potato salad.
10.) chill out on our wonderful outdoor dining set that my best friend bought us.

On another very positive note....

My mother called last night so when I called her back this morning (and she was amazingly pleasant/chipper/happy/giddy/possibly drunk) I asked if I could use some of my Grandmother's quilts to lay on the grass and use for overflow seating. She was ACTUALLY EXCITED about letting me use them. Personally, I'm thinking she was drunk (just kidding!) but hopefully she'll remember and bring a few with her. Those quilts are pretty special to all of us. Especially to me since my Grandmother and I shared a birthday. The quilts were all made from the fabric of our old clothes. It's like a walk back through my entire life to look at one of them.

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