Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My all time favorite lead guitarist Michael McAdam wrote a song several years ago about how love grows in little houses. From the minute I heard that song it just really spoke to me. I've gotten close to getting a copy of it from him a few times but it never quite worked out.

This week He is touring through Texas with Chris Knight so Dave and I went to see him Sunday and then because I'm sooooo crazy about this guy I went again last night. Not only is he my favorite photography subject when it comes to concerts, but MAN! I just LOVE the way that guy can play a slide guitar!!!

After the show we were chatting a bit and I asked him if I could get a copy of that song (it's not out on any CD's) to use at the wedding and he said YES! Yay!!! Keep your fingers crossed that I actually get it from him this time! Musicians are notoriously forgetful.

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mim said...

I would love to hear this song!!