Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My dress is in!!!! I picked it up last Wednesday and took it with me to Houston to my best friend (and MOH) A's house this past weekend. I am wanting to make a shrug out of lace to cover the arms a bit and A is a bit of a lace freak. She has been buying up all kinds of old lace for herself the last few years. She even scored some amazing old wedding dresses from the 60's that looked like they were custom made by hand just because she loved the lace on them!
Now, I have this flaw....I consider it a major flaw so I will just put it out there.....I HAVE FAT ARMS. I inherited them from my Dad's side of the family and I absolutely HATE them...but not enough to really do anything about them I guess because I still have them.

Anyway, after ordering this beautiful strapless dress I panicked over the whole arm issue. A thinks I'm nuts but she is willing to make me a shrug that will downplay my least favorite assets. She found some really cool pleated lace to make a stand up collar for the shrug. It helped having the dress there because some of the lace that looked like it would be a perfect match in the photos was WAY TOO DARK when we put it near the dress. We made a good start on it but it was nowhere near completed when I had to leave on Sunday. I DID, however, have to try it on with my dress a few times while we worked on it....darn it all!!!!

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