Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And we wait...

I still haven't heard back on the rest of the tests they ran. I actually forgot about them until this morning. I'll give them a buzz this week to see if they have gotten them back yet.
Dr. K didn't put me on clomid. He doesn't think I need it which kind of freaks me out. So, tThis cycle we are just using progesterone, metformin, baby asprin and that dern folic acid pill I can never remember the name of without looking at the bottle and assorted vitamins. Oh, and I'm still on the antibiotics for the strep B.
If this cycle worked I should know by Monday. So far I've been snapping at people, tired and weepy but that is probably just the progesterone. Fortunately this week is going by quickly so that makes the waiting a little easier.

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Kelly said...

I hope you find out what's going and that you feel better soon.