Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not too bad...

The minute I got home my SS came out of his room (amazing feat in itself) and told me Happy Birthday. That was sweet. Totally unexpected too.

Dave got home a little after I did so we loaded "the beef" in the freezer. It JUST fit. OK so it does make me happy to have all that beef and a big box of bones I can use for stock. But it's still not a birthday present.

Right after that Dave said he had to "run to the store to get beer" and that he "would be right back" so I was to get ready to go out for dinner.

Almost an hour later he shows up. Uh huh....can we say desperate scramble for a birthday gift? too.

Dinner was really good. We went to a new sushi place that we haven't been to before. Very nice staff. We will definitely go back. I got a gift card to help buy a new coat (anyone want to guess what the receipt time stamp said?) He still kept talking about the damn beef so I told him again that food for the whole family is not a birthday gift. He tried to jokingly guilt me a little with how much it cost. That was a little irritating but I didn't let it ruin the night.

When we got home the SS came out and gave me a gift....wrapped in Christmas paper. I told him he did a nice job of wrapping it (didn't say a word about the paper) and he said his dad did that. Uh huh. So he really didn't have anything for me. Didn't even think to get something for me that was actually FROM my SS and he's giving me one of my Christmas presents for my birthday. Seriously? We have HAD this talk many times. He knows how weird I get about that. ~sigh~

Still. It was something I wanted. A fishing pole...A PINK fishing pole and the box from the SS was full of lures and hooks. So now I can go catch me some fish for the freezer. Betcha I get a fishing license in my stocking for Christmas.

I'm not sure he actually got me a whole cake (I didn't look in the fridge) but he at least got a few slices of the Sacher Torte from L.a Made me cry.....I got a birthday cake (slice) from him. No candle but I got to have some cake...that he actually thought about and made the effort to buy just for me.......made me cry again.

Damn hormones.


Pookey and Me,,, said...

I'm sorry your SS didn't come through :( But glad your hubby did with your cake.

Happy birthday!

Another Dreamer said...

I'm glad it wasn't too bad, but I'm sorry that is wasn't as good as it could have been :(

marilyn said...

okay- please fill me in..I want to be upset with you but what is SS? What does SS stand for!!! how dare they get you only a half cake for your birthday!!! What is that!!!

Sharpiegirl said...

SS=step son. I still haven't gotten comfortable calling him just son on here yet. Although I guess I should since that is how I refer to him in real life.