Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We are pregnant! I was really surprised because I didn't have a single symptom that I thought I would. I tossed and turned with a RAGING backache all Sunday morning so I got up about 6 to put all of Dave's birthday presents out and decorated my blackboard door in the kitchen with a birthday sign (it turned out really cute!)

Then I got to counting and realized I was a few days late...hmmm.... So I thought I would go ahead and test even though I KNEW it would be negative. A few minutes later I was just staring at two little pink lines.

I had a funny card for Dave's 50th and a more sentimental one so I put the stick in the sentimental card and signed it from "The Youngest Yocum". When he FINALLY got up we had a little breakfast, he opened presents and then when he went to go take a shower I pulled him aside and told him I had one more thing for him. I sat him down on the bed and he opened his card. He said, Oh! You're pregnant!?!?!? There was mushy huggin and stuff that I won't bore you with but needless to say he thought that was a pretty cool birthday present.

We still have lots of hurdles to get past but I'm loving every bloated feeling, backache and smell that bothers me. It looks like we are at 4 weeks 6 days so I've got 7 weeks to hold my breath and cross my fingers.

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merium said...

Ooooh! So excitied for you! Holding and crossing with you!