Friday, October 9, 2009

Lookin good!

I finally got "stupid nurse" to call me back with my test results this morning. (she was supposed to call yesterday) I really do not like this new nurse my doctor has.
my progesterone levels were at 20.6 on Monday and they are still looking good at 20.2 and the beta was 552 on Monday and now it's at 1025! Yay! It's going in the right direction! (over 5 means you are pregnant and then your second test should be double the first one)
I've had some new symptoms....the funniest was having to make Dave wash his face because his facial hair smelled like old cardboard boxes. He was quite the sport. Especially after I told him that I had to wash my hair the other day when I got home because my hair stunk.

And miricle of all miracles! The SS came home with his 6 week report card and it had REALLY GOOD GRADES ON IT! Mostly B's and C's but last year he was bringing home mostly F's so this is A HUGE IMPROVEMENT! He even said he wasn't even trying that hard and that he can do better than that! WoW! I'm so proud of him! He's starting to make real progress this year.

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