Wednesday, October 21, 2009

latest test results

I finally got the nurse to call me back...she's either getting friendlier or I'm getting used to her NY ways.
The cramping was caused by dehydration. I haven't been drinking enough plain ol' water. So after drinking 3 glasses of water in a couple of hours the cramps went away completely! yay! Who knew WATER was so important. Well I should have but I wasn't paying attention. Large 44 oz diet cokes aren't a good substitute. I'm trying to kick my Sonic drive thru habit and only allow myself 1 can of diet coke a day.
Dave found some alcohol free wine at the grocery store this week. It tastes like tangy grape juice but it looks "right' in my glass so I feel like I'm having a glass of wine with dinner. My doctor says I can have an occasional glass of wine or A beer but I'm trying to keep that for special occasions only. Especially in the beginning.
I'm surprised I'm not in a complete coma by 8 pm these days but I've been able to make it until 9:30 before I HAVE to lie down. That is nice. It gives me some time to hang with my husband after the teenager goes to sleep.
Oh ok so the latest tests showed that I've got my thyroid under control. Which is probably why I'm able to stay awake until 9:30. It is down to .08 (I was close to 4.5 this time last year) and she may bump my dose a little higher to get the T4 where it needs to be. She wants my level to be just shy of hyperthyroid. I'm so glad I have a doctor that not only listened to me when I was having issues with my thyroid the last time we were pregnant and let me base my dosing on how I felt instead of a lab report. It turned out to be too little too late but she had gone on to do more research over the last year with I'm hoping will help this pregnancy be successful.
The beta test came back at 16,821 which is great! I'm right where I should be and the baby is doubling in size every 51 hrs. Isn't technology great!?!?!?!

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Mommy Jenni said...

I saw you comment on my blog about your nacoua starting...mine started right at 6 weeks too, while I was at my parent's house trying to help take care of 4 crazy kids (3 under 2!!) It never starts when you want it to lol. Oh and by the way I havn't had a moment of relief since that moment :( But I am told it gets better at 12 weeks...that is all I can think about! lol oh and if you have trouble with the water thing (I do) try having cut up lemons or limes in your fridge, I drink a lot more water that way! Oh and we started getting a water service...deer park is only $32 a month, and having cold and hot bottled water right there is wonderful...oh and it helps once the baby is born, you need to formula feed at all...I hope any of that makes sense :) CONGRATS!!!! and try to enjoy it!