Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I haven't had the energy to post about our honeymoon/meet the inlaws/trip to Palm Springs yet. But tonight Dave and the Boy went to see Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood because one of our most favorite friends had to go to China at the last minute and he gave us his tickets. I would have LOVED to go but since the Boy just turned 15 on Sunday I really thought this would be a good bonding night for them.

SOOOOO..... I have a blissfully quiet evening all to myself where I'm not doing laundry, dishes, cooking, worrying about the boy....yada yada yada....and to be fair Dave is AMAZING at doing all of the above items. We just usually do them together. Teamwork baby!!! Teamwork!

So back to our trip....

We were rushed to our seats when we got to the plane because there was another big storm coming and they wanted to get in the air before we were delayed. You would have laughed to see how fast people found their seats and got buckled in. I have to say it's the fastest I've ever seen a plane get in the air.

Once we got in the air the clouds were beautiful and ominous but mostly beautiful.

The airport in Palm Springs was pretty cool. It was much smaller than I thought it would be but very nifty. We stayed at Caliente Tropics which is an older hotel that Nancy Sinatra lived at for a while and as the web site says "Elvis visited". Ummm...yeah...I bet he did and I bet it wasn't someone he was supposed to "visit".

I was a little hesitant when I saw it just because this is supposed to be part of our honeymoon and I was being a little wierd about it. But it turned out to be perfect for our needs. We were only there to sleep, the rest of the trip was to visit with his family. The hotel had a really nice hot tub and pool, the room was comfortable, the mattress was really comfortable (very important to me) and there were little tiki men everywhere.

The tissue holder. It really looked funnier after you would pull one out.

Picture of the hotel from the hot tub.

Palm trees....as if you didn't know what those were.

Dave modeling my sunglasses.

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