Monday, June 22, 2009

Sun spots?

We had quite the weekend.
Friday night Dave went to get a massage. On the way back home our Passat dropped it's transmission. That was definately NOT the way we wanted to start our weekend. On the bright side the lady that he got the massage from saw him walking (yes, my husband is one of the 6 people out there that refuses to get a cell phone!)and came back to pick him up.
Saturday started out a little better. Dave had surprised me with a massage scheduled for mid morning and it was GREAT! After he dropped me off at the house to take a nap he went to take care of Zig (his name for the VW). When he got back in our fairly new Honda to meet with the tow truck the engine light came on. Thank goodness he has a little pickup that he keeps around to haul stuff in.
In the meanwhile my Gallopin' Ghost with 291,000 miles is still chuggin along (knock on wood!). She just needs an oil change.
Our neighbor swears it's because there have been sun spots lately.

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