Monday, June 8, 2009

Another little Honeymoon trip....

I was looking online for some information about Palm Springs and Joshua Tree for our trip this weekend. I found this great picture of Joshua Tree by Scott Mansfield. It ALMOST makes me want to go hiking through the desert. ALMOST.
I'm REALLY nervous but definately looking forward to our trip to see Dave's family. We are flying into Palm Springs friday evening. We should get into town early enough for dinner and some window shopping (I hope). He thinks we are going to spend the evening sitting in the hot tub. I am good with about 30 minutes of hot tubbin then I'm all wrinkly and done.
Saturday we are driving out to his parent's place that is (somewhat) near Joshua Tree. They don't know we are going to be there for his Dad's 90th birthday luncheon. YAY FUN!!!! I hope he likes surprises! I haven't met any of them yet so I'm probably going to be a nervous wreck right up until we get there.

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