Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pretty cool....

The SS came home Monday night. Yesterday morning I took him to get enrolled in the summer program they referred him to and he was pretty stressed. So we talked through how his day would go, what to expect, maybe some things he could CHOOSE to do that would make it less torturous. I reminded him that it was ONLY a half of a day then he would be home.
By the time we got home last night the SS had mowed our front yard and one of the neighbor's front yards (the other one had company or he would have had it done too). He met me at the door in a really good mood. Said that he had had a really good day and expected tomorrow to be even better. Holy COW!!! Is this the same kid?
Even better than that is when he proclaimed (a couple of times) that dinner was "PERFECT".
YEAH, It was a good day.

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LPC said...

Hope it continues.