Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Driver's License

I have been putting off getting my driver's license renewed for YEARS. Every time I think about going and getting it renewed and my address updated I am getting ready to MOVE AGAIN. It just didn't make sense to update the address if I was going to be moving again in just a few months! And there is that oh so pleasant experience of having to stand around for several hours just to have a bad picture taken.
So I was forced, FORCED I tell you, to update my driver's license because it expired on my birthday this year. arrrggghhh! I'm moving in with D in February and we are getting married in May. That would have been 2 more afternoons and 25 dollars each time to update my license. Double aaarrrrgggghhh!!!!
I know it's silly and illegal to not update you license when you move but I just dread the thought of dealing with "those people". I have very little tolerance for idiots and if I'm having a headache that day (which I usually am. I get whoppers all the time.) I have EVEN LESS. I decided to ask D if I could talk D into letting me go ahead and use his address since I will be living there officially in a few more weeks and I'm there all the time now. He thought that was a good idea. His actual words were "I don't care" and rattled the address off for me. Yippee!!! ONE less update I'll have to make to my license!!! And I'm actually looking forward to making that change!!!!

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