Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I caved....

I mailed out the first batch of Save The Dates last night. And I caved to the pressure from my sister and sent one to my parents. I'm finally not so ticked off at them and frankly I'm tired of my sister telling me almost daily that I need to let them know I'm getting married because in her mind she thinks they will help out with the expenses. Yeah right. In our family if you aren't a deadbeat then they really don't have time for you.

Case in point. I tried for 2 months to get a little family get together organized the Saturday after Thanksgiving since we were going to be there for our High School reunion (it's a small town so every class goes to the reunion). First I was told OK, then I was called back about a week later and told that she wasn't going to COOK ANYTHING. If we wanted to come out FINE but it would have to be sandwiches because they had plans that night. Uhhh OK, WE ALL HAVE PLANS THAT NIGHT! I was only wanting everyone to get together for LUNCH not an all day ordeal. The reunion didn't even start until 6 pm. Then she informed me...Oh and by the way they were going to having Thanksgiving dinner for Quatro's parents on FRIDAY. (my loser brother's 4th wife that I'm sure he's already cheating on. He hasn't had a single relationship make it to the one year mark. But he is a whole OTHER RANT.)

Then about a week before Thanksgiving I called to confirm everyone getting together for an hour or so for lunch and was informed that it was "too much of an inconvenience to have lunch". So here I am. I was driving 4 hours to come home for Thanksgiving so I could see the family. Hadn't been home in about 6 months. HADN'T BROUGHT A GUY HOME in about 10 years. And my own MOTHER is telling me that I'm an INCONVENIENCE. All I wanted to do was show D around my old stomping grounds and to announce our engagement to the family in person. I was so pissed I haven't spoken to her since.

I took D out for some great food, some really bad for you but mighty tasty food and then we went to the dance part of the reunion. I introduced D to ALL of my cousins and told THEM that we were engaged. My sister and her family took us around to see all old favorite haunts and made D feel welcome. So it wasn't a complete bust of a trip.

As for the folks....we are taking bets on if they even acknowledge the SOD.

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