Friday, October 1, 2010

A new project....

We are driving to the middle of nowhere tomorrow morning to pick up our new old trailer. We've been using a teardrop for almost 2 years and love it but there ARE times that it would be nice to wake up in the middle of the night and have your own bathroom to use instead of

1.) having to find your shoes in the dark
2.) make sure you are appropriately dressed
3.) walk 1/4 mile to the bath house just to find that they are out of toilet paper
4.) walk 1/4 mile BACK to the trailer
5.) try to find the toilet paper in the dark while not waking up your spouse (can't do it)
6.) walk 1/4 mile to the bathhouse AGAIN
7.) walking to the trailer and realize it's 3 am and you chances of going back to sleep are slim

Yeah, you think I'm kidding dontcha. Nope. Done it more than once. ~sigh~

This little number is supposed to have a bathroom, a kitchenette and sleeps 5! I guess that is a bit of a step up. Dave and I are both excited about fixing the new addition up. We found it on craigslist and bought it sight unseen so I'm hoping its in almost as good a shape as the guy says.

Next project is a little piece of land near the lake...

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