Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making a little progress...

We picked up the trailer last Saturday and man is it in BAD SHAPE! I'm not sure what planet this guy is on but when you advertise something as having "NO LEAKS" it probably shouldn't have holes all the way around it and have a ceiling that is falling down from water damage. Just my opinion. But hey we didn't pay much for it and we wanted a "project" so it's all good.

The minute we got the thing parked on the side of the house I wanted to start cleaning it up a bit.

I tried to vacuum the Smurf blue astroturf but as I ran the vacuum cleaner over it more dirt was shooting out the front of the vacuum than was going into it. At that point I asked Dave if I could go ahead and pull some of the bad stuff out. He said SURE...SO I KINDA WENT A LITTLE CRAZY! LOL! I was pulling walls and carpet out and he was trying to keep up putting everything in trash bags. Oh man it was nasty! I need to go buy a GOOD respirator and bring home some safety goggles before I start working on the next round of demolition.

Oh and the best part. The guy had another trailer that was sitting under a tarp that we got to take a look at. It was in MUCH BETTER SHAPE. It's VERY CUTE, only has a small leak that will be easy to repair and he is going to let us have it FOR FREE! We will go and pick it up next weekend.

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Another Dreamer said...

Woah... that's crazy! But it will be a nice project, I'm sure it will look fantastic when you get it done :) Score on the freebie!