Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My deadbeat ho-dog of a brother just irritates me like no other person I know. And I've met some really annoying people in my time.

He's been married 4 times (we think, it's hard to keep track of the ones he actually marries). His first marriage lasted all of 2 weeks. Nice church wedding and all the fixins. He was screwing around on her and she left. Big shocker.

The next wife was really young. Barely 18. Got married because she was pregnant but she was pretty nice. They had a little girl which I don't get to see very much but she is a HOOT! Of course he was screwing around on that wife too.
Same scenario with the next two although this last one, Quatro, has managed to stick around despite being treated like sh** by him. But then again she is a royal pinched faced wench (and just like my mother which is downright creepy) so they are probably made for each other.

Ok, so back to why I'm feeling the need to rant about that dumbass.
His little girl is nothing more than a pawn, a bargining chip to him. She is the most adorable, fearless, outgoing little girl and he refuses to pay any of her daycare expenses just because he wants the Mother to drive over an hour each way so little J can attend school where HE lives and it's probably the worst school in the state. Over half of their Sr class didn't graduate last year! Yeah, that is where I would want my child to go to school! NOT!
I can't even count the times he has refused to return J to her Mother after his vistation is up JUST SO HE DOESN'T have to pay child support. Yeah, I've heard that crap come straight from him.

He pisses me off so much that I regularly have dreams of beating the crap out of him.

So I have made a decision.

Let him be a jackass.
Let him treat his little girl however he wants but I will do what I can to make sure there is money for her daycare expenses.
I will never EVERY understand why parents punish their children for their own poor choices in life.
How could you do that to this sweet little face?
It may not be a lot of money but I feel moved to start doing this. Much more productive than kicking his ass.

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Rebecca said...

It's so hard to watch somebody be so cavalier about something that came to them without an effort, when it's something we would value more than anything else in the world but can't seem to obtain it no matter how much effort we put into trying.

Your niece is very lucky to have you. She may not necessarily understand everything that's going on right now, but she won't have any doubt that you love her.