Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The doctor's visit...

I went for my follow up appointment yesterday and was stuck in a room full (literally full) of only VERY pregnant women. Well there was one man but he was with one of the Smug Bitches so he doesn’t count. UGH! And then NY nurse was surprised that my blood pressure was high. I wonder what could have caused that.
Test results came back fine. Damn, absolutely no useful information whatsoever. They couldn’t even tell if it was a boy or girl. All my dreams were of a baby boy, so I’m going to go with my dreams since they were on the money last time and think of it as a boy.
Dr W asked what I wanted to do now. Hell, I don’t know what tests are available so I told her to run anything she could think might be the problem. So we are going to test clotting factors and a bunch of other stuff with mile long names. We probably won’t learn anything from them either but at least I feel like I’m making an effort.
The poor lady that was doing my labs had to research what she needed so as I was waiting outside the labroom the most annoying of the Smug Bitches was brought over for her blood tests too. You know the kind that has to call everyone she knows and share all the information from her appointment immediately and LOUDLY so everyone hears. Yeah, that helped. So by the time they were ready to do my labs I was already welling up and before she even stuck me I was practically sobbing. DAMN. I thought the lab tech was going to start crying too the poor thing. She was in there alone so she couldn’t wrangle the needle the tubes and reach the tissues so I’m sitting there bawling, she’s sniffing and the smug bitch finally shut the hell up.
After I left that appointment I had to rush home and get the SS for our next appointment. The minute I got home Robby was giving me grief about the mp3 player not having his music on it. I had tried to download it the night before and while it looked like it was downloading one of the cd’s it actually downloaded all of my (country) music. Not exactly his (Five Finger Death Punch)taste. I kinda snapped at him when he got a little demanding. Not bad but it made me feel bad. As we were driving to the chiropractors I apologized and told him I wasn’t feeling well and that I shouldn’t have snapped at him. Then we argued as to whether or not I had snapped at him. He said I hadn’t, I said I had, he said I hadn’t…you get the idea. So by the time we got to that dr’s office I was in tears again which freaked those ladies out.
Jeez. It just wasn’t a good night.

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