Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Dr.'s Office

I know you are moving to a new location soon and I have a very simple request.

Could you PLEASE have a waiting room for the obviously pregnant and one for those of us that can't be in the same room as them?

Yesterday I had to sit in your waiting room for almost 2 HOURS because you were running behind. I get it, things happen and that doesn't really bother me too much since you have chairs that are actually comfortable and I managed to find a few magazines that don't have babies plastered all over them.

However, sitting in THAT room for THAT long was TORTURE. I can't even believe your nurse was surprised that my blood pressure was through the roof. DUH! I don't think I'm asking for much and I know there are other women who would appreciate it as well. Hell I wouldn't even care if it was a closet that I had to sit in by the dark. As long as I didn't have to watch those smug bitches.



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