Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You are kidding? Right?

There is a really obnoxious person that I work with that made my life hell when I was in that department (a whole 20 feet away from where I am now) I couldn't talk to a customer on the phone without them having to hear her singing off key, burping, belching and yes... farting.

Guess who is pregnant? BARELY PREGNANT?


Guess who sent out an email to everyone in the company yesterday asking for address so they could send BABY SHOWER INVITATIONS out in AUGUST. WTF?!?!? Afraid you aren't going to get enough PRESENTS you greedy little pig?

I am behaving very well. I didn't say anything about the tacky factor of it all. I just deleted the email....but not before sending it to my best friend so we could roll our eyes in unison.

I was going to wait and just quit when I got my photography business up and running but I am thinking for sanity's sake I need to find another job even if it's just part time so I can regroup and get back to the person I know deep down I still am. Being in this toxic (literally and figuratively) building just kills my spirit a little more everyday. I barely recognize myself anymore.

But again....I am keeping all that to myself and playing nicely with others until I can escape.


Anonymous said...

My brother and SIL just announced their pg on Facebook. She's not even 8 weeks.

I feel you.


Another Dreamer said...

omg, wow. That's ridiculous!

Totally reminds me of what my SIL did though. She was 8wks pregnant and already planning her dual baby shower with her best friend. Gag.

merium said...

yikes~who plans their own baby shower?

Sharpiegirl said...

ooohhh this is really mean of me but I found out she and her husband have moved back in with his parents because they can't make ends meet.
Uh she makes almost double what I do and he makes even more than that...and they can't make ends meet? Wow... All I can say is WOW.