Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We got her back last night…whew!

She managed to get out of the fence (My Husband has it blockaded now until he
gets it replaced. It looked fine but somehow she figured out how to squeeze
through a loose board) and a lady that was taking down a pool across the street
at the tweakers house found her and took her home.

That lady called me yesterday morning but when I tried to meet with her right away she said she couldn't but would bring the puppy home that evening.

THEN I got a phone call from another lady who was rambling and saying she had my dog and that she had to break into this other ladies house to rescue her and that it wasn't about the reward BUT she had to spend $75 to get a new key for her truck plus gas to get the dog back to us. It was FREAKY!

I was really stressing over this crazy lady's call. She was in our neighborhood
so I called our Son and told him what was going on and to call our neighbor to
go out with him to get the dog since I didn't know what we were dealing with. Crazy lady sounded higher than a kite....

Our 16 year old 6 ft+ son was smart and didn't go out just in sweats he was in
full combat gear. LOL That was the one time I TOTALLY DIDN'T MIND his crazy
military look. He walked over to the crazy lady's side but the dog was on the
other side so he went over there. Got the dog FIRST and then confirmed it was our dog and gave them $20.
The signs said Reward, they just didn't say how much and frankly I don't have a
lot to give away this week. The whole thing sounded shady so I wasn't really interested in supporting someone drug habit.

A few minutes later I got the call letting me know he had the dog back home
again. Huge sigh of relief!

THEN I had another call which I let go to VM since I was on another call at
work. Crazy lady called back sobbing and boo hooing telling me how I ripped her
off, but it wasn't about the reward money, but I ripped her off and only gave
her $20 when it cost her over $125 to rescue my dog and take care of her and get
her back to us. At this point I am freaking out. I call our Son and tell him
to stay in the house with the doors locked because I don't know what they would
do if they were really that upset we only gave them $20.

Then crazy lady calls back and leaves another message telling me how she had to go and break into the first lady's garage and rescue the puppy because the other lady was only going to use her for the reward money and blah blah blah…. I called My Husband, then called my son, I almost called the police at this point. It was crazy. I was at work and couldn't do anything.

So fast forward to last night…

Our son and I took the puppy to the vet for her shots she was supposed to get on
Monday; I also had them put a chip in her just in case she ever goes missing
again. (Our Son thought it was like lojack and he could see where Nell was at
all times, which isn't a bad idea)

While we are at the vet clinic Dave goes over to the tweakers house to see if he can figure out what was really going on. I had played the messages for him when he got home and he just wanted to find out what the heck was going on. Fortunately it was just crazy crack head lady making it into a big ol' ordeal because she and the rest
of the crack heads have been evicted and have to be out of the house by Friday
and she thought she would get a little moving money out of us. The first lady
was fairly normal, just an old biker chick that was trying to do a good deed.
Crack head was still trying to get more money out of Dave so he offered her a
couple of steaks instead and she was happy about that.

Hopefully that will be the last we hear from those crazy a$$ people! And I
think our son has a much better understanding of what he needs to be doing to
watch the puppy.


Another Dreamer said...

omg! Glad you got the puppy back, but that is so crazy :/

merium said...

So happy to hear you have her back! Bet you could have done without all the batshit craziness tho!

Anonymous said...

So happy! Poor little puppy!

Rebecca said...

I'm so happy for you that the puppy is back home where she belongs! Hopefully the crackheads will be gone soon - that is a crazy story.