Monday, September 13, 2010

Sucky week....

The last week has just SUCKED.

My lunch buddy was telling me that her pregnant sister has decided to give up her baby for adoption. She has 4 other kids and doesn’t raise them either. She dumped them on her ex husband when she hooked up with a new guy. That just makes my heart hurt.

Two days in a row at work the main topic of conversation for the MEN in my department was…you guessed it. Yammering’ loudly about trying to get their girlfriends pregnant. I tried to ignore it but ended up with chest pains by the end of the day (probably from holding my breath all afternoon) and a permanent lump in my throat.

Oh and remember the wedding I photographed a few weeks ago… yup. The bride is pregnant too. CRAP! Sucker punch to the gut.

My best friend said she just had to bury herself in work when dealing with all the yammering and crap. She’s a better person than I am. I can’t think clear enough to get anything done. I just zone out.

So now I’m just sitting here waiting on cd1. Test was negative on Saturday, not that I had any symptoms or anything to make me think it would be positive. I may test again today or tomorrow just to torture myself and then maybe by Wednesday I can start obsessing again about my next opportunity.

I’ll try to keep myself busy with some photography. That always puts me in a better mood. I am supposed to help shoot a wedding on Sunday, but I told my neighbors that I would be available to help them out at any other weddings they have going on this weekend as well. The experience would be great for me and the distraction would be very welcome.

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Another Dreamer said...

Sorry for the crappy week- hope it gets better soon (*hugs*)