Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nothing much to tell...

Nothing is happening except the boobs are still growing. Had to switch to the DD maternity bra that I bought a while back and had to buy some pants that were a little more comfortable on the belly.
I try to tell myself they will come in handy for NEXT TIME.....
Started getting "looks" from the lady at the bank I only see every couple of weeks and a couple of other people. Won't they be disappointed when I don't "pop". Eh, join the club.
I had wanted to let this resolve itself on it's own so I wouldn't have to go through another surgery but I'm starting to wonder if it's EVER going to happen. I'll give it another week. Maybe I'll call and see about getting the medication to help hurry things along. I wonder if there are any natural ways I can help things along. Any suggestions?

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Another Dreamer said...

No good suggestions :( Sorry hun.

If they suggest Cytotec to help, I do recommend turning that down because I know my experience was awful (and a couple other ladies told me that before I used it, and I wish I had listened to them)

Maybe try some physical activity to try and help... I don't know how much it would help, but it may be worth a shot.