Friday, June 25, 2010

A little good news?

The tests came back negative on it being a blood clot THANK GOODNESS! I wasn't looking forward to another trip to the hospital. It did show an inflamed lymph node so my doctor's office had me come in for another blood test to see if I had developed an infection. While I was there Kathy the nurse came out to talk to me about some paperwork so I showed her my leg. She thought it looked like a blood clot too so I didn't feel so paranoid. She said it might also be an infection process, I had never heard of that term before but I guess if you have an infection starting it can show symptoms somewhere in that area. Hey! Weird shit! I'm over here! Yup, looks like you found me again.
So I'm home with my leg up and I've been putting heat on it per the nurse's instructions. Hopefully it will look better by Monday and I can go back to work. Although just between me and you I LOVED being home...even if I did felt like crap.

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