Thursday, January 13, 2011

Almost done...

Friday and Saturday night I woke up with lots of cramping, bleeding etc. It tapered off so I thought it was done. Tuesday it started up again with the cramping but not much more. Wednesday was more of the same so we did an u/s this morning. It looks like the sac passed or has collapsed and will pass very soon and it only looked like a little more tissue was left to get rid of. Thank goodness I will be able to avoid surgery. They had me scheduled to do another D&E on Friday but we were able to cancel that.
I feel like this has lasted 6 months.

I told the Dr that Dave and I wanted to come in and really talk about the nitty gritty of doing a donor egg. He's excited that we are more open to the idea of going that route. Obviously I can get pregnant and stay pregnant I just am not getting good quality eggs of my own to make a viable baby. ~sigh~ He said to take a little time to get over this one and in a few weeks make an appointment. With my age I can't wait too long though.

I'm loading up on amino acids, vit C, B, E, Zinc and CoQ10 in the meantime. Maybe just maybe I can come up with one good egg of my own in a couple of months and we won't need to look at the DE route.

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Another Dreamer said...

Glad things are starting to happen on their own, hope they're almost done. (*hugs*)