Sunday, November 14, 2010

What I hate most about RPL...another long and winding story

Is that it robs you from being able to celebrate the good things in life.

We are 5 weeks 2 days pregnant. First beta was 38 second was 158 (last Monday) I remember correctly which was just over doubling every 2 days. Whew.... I am trying to just go about my daily routines and not give it much thought. You buy that right? either.
I am on a daily injection of lo.ven.ox so far so good. It was a little freaky the first few times but I'm getting more comfortable with it and last night I didn't have that awful sting that usually last half an hour or so.

The thing that has me concerned the most these days is that one of my coworkers who sits about 5 feet away from me is having her thyroid killed with io.din.e. I had to tell her I was pregnant just so she would stay away from me...but she is so freakin stupid she believes her quack of a dr who says it's not a big deal. Uh read the internet's a little bigger deal than you think. She was actually planning on coming back to work the same day that she received the treatment. I had to have a little talk with our supervisor and let her know that not only do I have an issue with it based on what I've read but my RE can't believe she is going to come back to work so soon. They want me to be 20 feet away from her for at least a week maybe 2. So we moved me to another desk on the opposite end of the room. Of course everyone was being nosey as to why I was moving but when we stuck to the computer issue story they moved on pretty quickly. I'm sure there are lots of rumors going on right about now.

I go in tomorrow morning for my next beta. Not that I give those test much weight anymore. I learned that lesson already. The blighted ovum had all the right number and then some. ~sigh~
The best news is that I am having more symptoms than I remember experiencing before.

I drove down to H-town so I could go to the Nut.cra.cker Mar.ket with my best friend yesterday. I wanted to get to tell her in person about this latest one. She's alway been supportive of me from a distance so it was fun to get to just share stories in person for a change.

When we got there it was PACKED! It seemed like there were more people there but less booths than last year. Everyone else was running around in sweaters and jackets I had sweat just rolling off me. Yeah, I know...kinda gross but I was about to pass out from getting too hot. I would get lightheaded ever few feet.
Ann decided that we should stop for lunch and let me cool off. I was sitting there chugging some cold water, fanning myself and pulling my hair up off my neck and these 3 ladies sat down at the same table we where at. One of them a really good natured way "if you tell me you are hot I am gonna smack you!" So I blurted Oh it's just because I'm pregnant. Wow....I actually said it out loud and didn't get struck by lightening! At that point I didn't care anymore and stripped my shirt off. Thank goodness I had thought ahead and wore a tank under it! LOL

It's amazing how easy it was to talk about it with 3 total strangers. They all said very nice positive things and I managed to keep from bawling although a few tears snuck out. But it did make it seem more REAL.

I haven't told anyone in my family this time around. My sister kinda pissed me off after the last one. She is the queen of being judgemental, so she probably won't know until I am closer to the 13 week mark...or at least that is the current plan. You know me...I have said that before and caved.
I am glad that I did this roadtrip to Houston. I needed the girl time with Ann.
We realized that next year will mark 40 years since we met in a potato field so we are going to try and find potato charms for our bracelets to exchange in honor of it. 40! I wonder if they make ruby potatoes? LOL


Kelly said...

Good luck with your next beta! You're right, though. It's so difficult to have hope when you've cleared those hurdles before.

(((HUGS))) to you. Hang in there. One day at a time.

merium said...

I am so excited to hear your news! Fingers crossed and sending big hugs to you!