Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a way to get started...

Last Wednesday I picked up the flowers we were going to use for the wedding, cranked the ac in the pickup, and headed south to Slocum to start getting everything set up Saturday. By the time I got there I was frozen but I HAD to get the flowers trimmed and stored right away. So I grabbed the flowers out of the truck first and started trimming the stems on them so we could put them in a cool dark place to keep them from opening too soon.

I managed to get just about all of them trimmed with no problem. THEN I started on the Ecuadorian roses. Yeah, those little buggers were tough! I had about half of them trimmed when the scissors slipped. I watched in almost slow motion as they cut the entire top of my pointer knuckle off. CRAP!!! I yelled to Barbara that I needed her QUICK and it was BAD! It was pretty obvious that I needed stitches so Brent drove me to Palestine where we sat for HOURS at the ER. After almost 3 hours they had only taken 4 people back. It was almost 10 pm by then and my finger looked pretty rough but it also looked like we could use some butterfly strips on it to hold it together.

I went to the front desk to let them know I wasn't staying and a Doctor walked up about then and apologized for things being so crazy. I pulled back my bandage and told him what we were going to do and he said even though it really did need stitches that if I could keep it really clean and protected it should work. YAY! AND I didn't have to wait to see a doctor after all.

We stopped at a pharmacy on the way back to the cabin and loaded up on butterfly strips, ointments and a splint to keep it from getting whacked while I was getting everything set up.

When we arrived back at the cabin there was a new sign up in the kitchen "Carla is not allowed to handle sharp objects!!!"

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