Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm sure I did SOMETHING this weekend....

I know I had all these plans for Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to go shopping for some more nifty plates. I did manage to spy some on Friday night and even bought 3 dessert size plates but the store was closing and they were rushing me out of there since I was the only customer. And Saturday was so crazy that I never made it back over there. This is how my Saturday looked.
1.) made fried egg sandwiches for Mr. D and his son (much better tasting than they sound)
2.)I helped Mr. D with a project....ended up soaked from the knees down.
3.)Got the oil changed in my car, had to convince them that I ONLY wanted to get the oil done on my car and yes I DO know how many miles I have on it (currently over 282,000 miles and my little Honda is running just fine thank you very much!)...pushy little bastards....
4.)Bought all my groceries for Thanksgiving weekend and actually avoided the crowds! YEA!!!
5.) Braved the mall parking lot so I could buy a REAL wedding planner. I actually found one that didn't make me hurl
6.) Helped Mr. D with dinner
7.) Collapsed on the couch with a tall glass of wine in each hand. Oh wait! One of those was supposed to be for Mr. D! Thank goodness it was just Saturday!
8.) Fell asleep at 9:00

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