Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting back on track....

Well...I started back at the gym this week but only managed one day before my foot/ankle started killing me. I had the chiro look at it yesterday and he was able to straighten me out...literally. I had a couple of muscles that were bound up (muscle spasm) and a bone on the top of my foot was out of whack. So I am taking it easy for a day or two since it hurts still and then I'm am back on track. I upgraded my gym membership to include classes as well as the equipment room and I am looking forward to doing some yoga, pilates and hoop (I am assuming hula hoop?) Work is going great. I am still working with a wedding photographer as his assistant. We did an open house/wedding show over the weekend (probably when I messed up my foot) and booked 3 weddings at the show, 3 more since the show (as of Tuesday) and there are a few more strong leads. YAY! OH AND...I am the main photographer on one of them. Double YAY! I may not be making a ton of money by being an assistant instead of running out there and booking my own jobs but I really feel that there is so much I still need to learn about the business side of things. So for now I am learning, listening, practicing and making connections. Can't bring myself to step on the scales again but I am trying to make conscience choices about what to eat and when I am eating. I sure wish my husband was a little more supportive. The minute I start trying to eat healthier he brings home, ice cream, little pies that you bake in the microwave and peach cobbler. I have a bite or two but then let him finish it. I would like to feel better about myself and wear some cute clothes, possibly even a swimsuit when we go to Florida in early October.


AnotherDreamer said...

Sorry about your foot :(

Yoga is awesome, I need to start that back up again.

And YAY about the photography gigs! That is very cool.

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cruisingangels said...

YES that always happens to me too, as soon as I try to start eating healthy, by dad comes home with ice cream and chocolates!

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