Monday, March 8, 2010

Not much to tell these days...

That last m/c knocked my system for a loop and it hasn't figured out how to reset itself yet. I went to the Dr last Thursday and they gave me a thorough once over. Blood tests, ultrasound, etc. We switched some meds up and added the Metformin I've been reading up on. Both overies show 5 to 7 follicles which is good so they put me on Clomid to see if that will help get the ball rolling.
Dr. W warned me that it has a pretty high risk of twins but we have that already with my family history so I'm pretty ok if we get a twofer. D says he is too....with a terrified look in his eye. LOL I had fun teasing him about it this weekend.
Other than wanting to smack some stupid people at a concert Saturday night, I haven't had too many side effects from the Clomid. Let's hope that doesn't change and also that it does the trick.


Rebecca said...

I hope this is the cycle that brings you your miracle!

And, hopefully "wanting to smack some stupid people" is as bad as the side effects get for you. When I was on Clomid, I didn't have mood swings (plural), I just swung right on over to B**CH and was parked there until the stuff wore out of my system. Make sure your DH knows to be extra, extra understanding of you for the next couple of weeks. (And give you a very wide berth!) :-)

Sharpiegirl said...

I've got a code word with my co-worker for when I start to get a little too bitchy at the new people they hired in our department this past week. She's to call me "Verna".
I'm trying to review in my head what I say and my temper before I say anything...most of the time. Let's see how long that lasts. Last dose is today.